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Time Travel Tots!

Two young children sitting on an interactive fabric field in a Mini Museum session.

We're bringing the Museum to you! Donna our Learning and Participation Officer will be visiting several venues with different themes each month (January until April). So if you want to discover the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, the Romans and Medieval Times through learn and play then look below for where we will be across the district!



Sessions will be held at existing Preschool groups.

Barnby Gate - One Tuesday a month!

Methodist Church Hall

January 9th, February 13th, March 12th, April 9th.

Clipstone - One Monday a month!

Busy Bees at Mansfield Vicar Water 

January 8th, February 5th, March 4th, April 8th. 

Muskham - One Thursday a month!

North Muskham Preschool 

January 17th, February 21st, March 20th, April 17th.


Cartoon of a wooly mammothJanuary is about discovering the Stone Age!

Welcome to the stone age! What can you discover together about this age of pre-history? Walk across our fabric field to see if you can find fossils or bones! You'll even do your own cave painting!

Fun Fact! Before houses, humans lived in caves!




Cartoon of an ancient Egyptian cat with mummy bandages and Egyptian headpieceFebruary will see you back in Ancient Egypt!

Explore inside our Egyptian pyramid. Can you find our mummified cats? Cats were very special to Ancient Egyptians, who wanted to take them into the Afterlife. Take home with you your Egyptian Collar that you will be colouring in!

Did you know Ancient Egyptian bakers sometimes kneaded bread dough with their feet!




Cartoon of an old roman coinMarch will be exploring the Romans!

The Romans built a wall all the way across England. Can you build a wall like theirs? Along the way, can you find Roman treasures buried in our fabric field? In this session you will make your own mosaic fish!

Can you believe We still use some roads that the Romans built!




Cartoon of a medieval knight with shield and sword on a pretend horse.April is all about the Medieval Times!

Medieval castles were like towns where lots of different jobs were done. Can you spot some medieval artefacts? Have a go at using a metal detector! You will be colouring and folding a medieval castle wall!

Did you know in castles, football was banned and archery was compulsory!