Usher Insights - Graham

"Firstly something about myself... I started learning the guitar at the age of twelve (in my bedroom of course... isolation even in those days!!), and formed my first band, a 3 piece, in 1961. We were content to play village halls and youth clubs for the princely sum of £15. Then we progressed to touring the UK with the Lincoln Theatre repertory company in Spike Milligan's 'The Bed Sitting Room' as the on-stage band. I left my Civil Service job in 1970 to drive a Ford Thames van to Morocco to entertain American troops. Some of whom were about to leave for Vietnam. We continued with tours of Spain, Germany and Italy interspersed with Summer seasons and Social clubs in the UK and still play today in three bands (for more than £15 of course!).

I say all this to give you an idea of how, after retiring from a successful career as an international sales manager and then becoming landlord of my local pub with my daughter, I became a Volunteer.

Having time on my hands, I followed my wife's (Jennie) suggestion that I should volunteer at the Palace Theatre, and haven't looked back since. Fabulous theatre, wonderful colleagues, best coffee in Newark, and, as Jennie wrote on a post-it note she attached to a menu one day, 'the cleanest toilets in Newark'.

My only moment of trepidation on considering joining the team was when Andrea said I would be expected to attend at least 3 Pantomime performances... GULP!!! I needn't have worried, I enjoyed every minute and it was the best Panto I have ever seen. 'Oh yes it was!!'

Since joining the team in June 2019 I have been amazed at the quality and variety of all the shows and enjoyed the interface with the Theatre's patrons.  

Thank you Palace Theatre." - Thank you Graham!